whats the 3D dynamic laser head for laser marking machine?

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whats the 3D dynamic laser head for laser marking machine?

Post by zoe hitec cnc » Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:45 am

1) 3D means Dynamic focusing, compare with ordinary 2D laser machine, 3D laser marking machine adopts different galvo head. Ordinary 2D scanning head only have two mirrors, but 3D scanning head have three mirrors. The third mirrors can move forward and backward. This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine. 2) 3D laser marking machine outstanding functions are deep engraving, relief engraving and curve metal marking. 3) When 2D laser need to mark curve surface, it should be added one rotary fixture. However,3D laser marking machine can mark curve metal directly. Higher speed and higher precision. Mostly, easy to operation. 4) 3D laser marking machine is coming with 3D galvanometer head and 3D software. Other parts almost the same as 2D laser marking machine.
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