New to laser modules asking clarifications about Eleksmaker laser 5W

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New to laser modules asking clarifications about Eleksmaker laser 5W

Post by daniele » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:30 am

Hello Everybody,
let me introduce myself: I'm Daniele and I work as product development engineer in a cable harness manufacturing company.

To assure an harness has been electrically checked we normally use labels and pen marks, but now we decided to used laser engraving technology to make a visible mark on plastic connectors. For this reason we bought a 1W laser (too weak, so it was discarded) and now a 450nm TTL 5W laser from Eleksmaker (bought form Banggood and that will be used to understand the right power of laser to do the job) .I have several questions from you to better understand the product and the possibilities of laser engraving:

first of all I have a driver module (the P/N on the board is LASER3500 170420), I would like to understand:
  • If it's possible to make voltage and current adjustments directly on board to understand what is the current absorption and wattage (in the description on banggood is written: Power Max.5W Average 3W, I need to know what is the defalut setting received from Eleksmaker) .
  • I see there's a black button and a regulator (see image below): what is their function?
  • Where I have to put my amperometer to measure my current current (sorry for the pun)? Between the power supply and the laser driver or between the laser driver and the laser module?
  • If I drive the laser with TTL (so there wil be a pulse modulation) will the amperometer and the voltmeter be able to measure the current and the voltage? The laser will work on/off at very high frequency so I'm worried it will not be able to measure it.
Said this we already tested this 5W laser at default setting (I don't know if it's really 5W or 3W) with good results on black plastic. We tried also natural color plastics (acetalyc POM, Nylon PA66) with no results: are you able to tell me the which kind of laser technology could be suitable for this natural plastics? It seems they don't absorbe the laser blue light but they "diffuse" it.

Other question: it is normal that for this laer the shape of the laser is not rounded but it's a line? I read it could be oval due to laser diode technology, but when we tried statically we engraved lines instead of points/ovals.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support


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Re: New to laser modules asking clarifications about Eleksmaker laser 5W

Post by CoraDias » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:04 pm

Hi...i am a new user here. In my case i am experiencing problem withe controller board on my A3 eleksmaker pro. When trying to run a program that normally takes about and hour and 23 minutes now shows 3 days plus to run. Thervo controllers lockup and hammer. Now the controller won"t start when I try to activate it. I hope someone has a plausible answer to my dilema.

board assembly

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