Circular cuts not right, everything else seems great

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Circular cuts not right, everything else seems great

Post by jmschneider » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:37 am

Hi Everyone

I purchased a Thunderlaser Nova 24. I absolutely have been having a great time using it and I am happy with almost everything I can make with it. I had only done some scan engraving and rectangular cutting functions with it up to this point and everything seems really good.

I then started cutting out circles and then seen that the completed circle does not match where it starts, this results in a small jagged edge where the circle stops cutting (its like it losses a step)
20180319_181701[1].jpg (74.46 KiB) Viewed 1082 times
I have searched through the forum and have found another person that had this problem and they solved it by clicking on the "backlash repay" in RD works.

I did this and it did look better, however there is still a flat area in the circle start and stops cutting.
  • I have checked level of the bed and the 4 corners seem to be all equal (I used the manual focus 6mm acrylic and it could just slide under in all 4 corners)
  • I checked the shaft and belt pulleys and they all seem synched and nothing loose
  • I tightened up the X belt somewhat as it felt a bit looser than the Y, but that did not make things different

I'm not really sure what else to try, the engraving and cutting all seem to work really good so I don't think it is a mirror issue and I have built a cnc router so other than the x&Y being tight Im not sure what else can cause it. I am thinking maybe there is a way I can compensate for this using the Ruida controller settings so that if I can change a parameter it will change universally however I would need a password and a little guidance if thats possible.
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I don't think it is really too bad with the backlash option, but I wanted to know if this was something that can be set in the Ruida board, I have some laser software called Lightburn that I prefer to use and it currently does not have the feature, so Im hoping it can be set internally on the control board.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me. I love the new machine and I know I will get everything tweaked up with some knowledge and guidance.
Jesse Schneider
Thunder Laser Nova 24
60 watt
Lightburn (testing)

Thunder laser - Tom
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Re: Circular cuts not right, everything else seems great

Post by Thunder laser - Tom » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:55 am

Hi Jmschneider
This is Tom from thunder laser, sorry for the late reply and the laser problem brings you some troubles
After you checked the "backlash reapy optim" feature, the cutting result looks better for the cutting circular.
If you want to get a better one, i think that you can only set a slower speed to work for your sample.
But i think that it's difficult to get a better cutting result now.
And if you need often to cut the wood, i recommend that you can use a high pressure air compressor to get a better result.

Have a nice day

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