The effects of material thickness and roughness on the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

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The effects of material thickness and roughness on the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

Post by Therese Guo » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:27 am

Fiber laser cutting machine with its various advantages gradually replace other processing methods, more and more widely used in sheet metal processing customers. Currently on the market in the small and medium-sized sheet metal processing enterprises in the use of the more common is the 500 watts open fiber Laser cutting machine. In the actual production process, the extension of the laser will be stressed to the customer, 500 Watt Fiber laser cutting Machine can cut the thickness of the stainless steel and carbon steel are 3mm and 6mm. So small and we discuss on the basis of the guarantee of cutting thickness, how to make 500 Watt fiber Laser cutting machine cutting efficiency and speed of more high-quality, so as to enhance the product added value.

By virtue of years of research and practical application in the industry, STYLECNC summed up the effect of Fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality of the various factors. There are laser cutting materials, laser-assisted gas pressure, cutting machine related parts, cutting speed, focus position, etc.

There are several factors that affect the thickness and velocity of the fiber laser cutting machine. such as the thickness and roughness of the material.

In fact, 500 Watt optical [url]fiber laser cutting machine is the most suitable for cutting the thin sheet, the best effect of thickness is less than 6mm carbon steel and 3mm stainless steel. It is concluded that the cut is very smooth when cutting the stainless steel material below <1mm. Therefore, the thickness of the material itself determines the quality of cutting, if you want to use a 500 Watt fiber laser cutting machine to cut 10mm sheet metal, cutting out the speed and quality is certainly not ideal. In addition, the roughness of the surface of the material determines the cutting quality is good or bad, the more smooth surface of the metal sheet metal, cutting out the quality is the best.

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