The principle of laser engraving machine engraving technology

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The principle of laser engraving machine engraving technology

Post by lasercutting » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:54 am

Not real crystal ,but artificial crystal. "Laser" is the most useful tool for "engraving" the artificial crystal(also known as "crystal glass"). Laser engraving is used to "carve" flat or three-dimensional patterns into the interior of crystal glass.
Engraving was meant to be an ancient art. Generally, the carving process starts from the outside, and the desired shape is carved from the outside of the material. But laser can be like Sun Wukong, "deep into the hinterland" to do that work.
Looking carefully, there are no openings around the glass and crystal products for "cutter" access. As far as this is concerned, the laser is even better than Sun Wukong. That monkey has to have a gap when drilling into other people's stomach. However, the principle of Laser engraving is actually quite simple.

To engrave glass, the energy density of the laser has to be greater than a critical value, or threshold, that causes glass to break. The energy density of a laser at a certain point is related to the size of its spot. With the same laser, the smaller the spot is, the higher the energy density will be.

In this way, that energy density of the lasing can be made to be below the threshold of damage to the glass before it enter the glass and to reach the processing zone by suitable focusing, while in the area where the machining is desired, the laser generates a pulse in a very short period of time, the energy of which can cause the crystal to be thermally cracked at the moment, creating a very small white spot, in which the predetermined shape is carved out inside the glass, while the remainder of the glass or crystal remains intact.

Laser engraving assisted imaging technology: The general 3D imaging technology uses the graphical method to obtain 3D images, which requires the projection of the highlighted laser to measure objects. The image and model processing of objects are carried out through the distance and proximity of laser beams, and the whole process is very complicated. It takes a lot of shots to get a 3D image of the object, which is expensive and slow, especially for capturing images of moving objects. The whole process can sometimes last for several tens of minutes. During shooting, the object cannot move, which means that this photographic technique can only be applied to landscapes or immovable objects. Then, people invented 3D Flash! Photographic technology, which has an absolute advantage in taking photos of humans - obtain high resolution in 0.01 seconds and get accurate 3D data of the human face. The three-dimensional flash of the 3DFlash! can be connected with a normal two-dimensional digital camera, a special grating code is projected onto the surface of the object, and the encoded image is captured by the digital camera. Through special decoding software, the coded image is analyzed to find the 3D information of the X, Y, and Z axis of the image. In this step, the processed figure is a 3D mesh portrait consisting of a grid. The next step is to give the face skin and color. After that, a 360-degree 3D full avatar was created on the computer. Then the computer inputs the information into the egraving machine, and it is possible to create a perfect portrait.

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Re: The principle of laser engraving machine engraving technology

Post by LoisTDuvall » Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:51 pm

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Re: The principle of laser engraving machine engraving technology

Post by CrystalADevera » Tue Sep 01, 2020 6:44 pm

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