The working principle and advantages of CO2 non-metal laser cutting machine

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The working principle and advantages of CO2 non-metal laser cutting machine

Post by lasercuting » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:33 am

The CO2 laser cutting machine currently has a huge advantage in the cutting of non-metallic materials, its application is very extensive, now let me briefly introduce the principle and configuration of this machine. The machine is called CO2 laser cutting machine because laser cutting machine uses CO2 laser which is a gas molecular laser . The working substance is carbon dioxide gas, and the auxiliary gas is nitrogen, helium, etc. The laser wavelength is 10.6 microns. The stability is good, the energy conversion efficiency is up to 25%, and it can be used as laser with high power output. The laser generation principle: CO2 laser discharge tube is filled with CO2, N2, He and other mixed gases, the ratio and total pressure can be changed within a certain range (generally: CO2:N2:He=1:0.5:2.5 total pressure For 1066.58pa), the ratio is fixed after you buy laser tube.

Any molecule has three different forms of movement. Firstly, the electron movement in the molecule determines the electronic energy state. Secondly, it is the atomic vibration in the molecule. The atom makes periodic vibrations around its equilibrium position. This movement determines the vibrational energy state of the molecule. Thirdly, the rotation of the molecule determines the rotational energy state of the molecule. CO2 lasers generate laser light by using the transitions between the vibrational and rotational energy levels of CO2 molecules.

The CO2 laser cutting machine we talk about refers to CO2 glass tube laser. In fact, the CO2 lasers also have a type of RF tube. They are generally used in laser marking machines. Glass tubes are also useful in marking machines. Compared with the radio frequency tube for marking machine, the glass tube is not stable for a long time working , the lifetime is short, and the marking efficiency is not as good as that of the RF tube. But for laser cutting machine, glass tubes are basically used. The cutting depth requirement is generally high, so it is more economical to use glass tubes that are suitable for high power and low cost.

The CO2 laser cutting machine adopts water to cool and the cooling water circulates in the glass tube. In the operating state, the glass tube laser generates high voltage, so do not touch the laser while the laser cutting machine is running. Its system is simple, space-saving and easy to operate. It improves the optical system, laser power stability and long life. CO2 laser cutting machine uses automatic lifting work table, high-precision stepper motor drive, precision advanced step with belt and pulley drive, to ensure high-speed motion with good movement accuracy. With a waste collection box, cleaning cutting waste is more convenient.

Using advanced DSP control technology, it can achieve rapid continuous curve cutting. And the software is superior in performance, with the function of combining connected lines to ensure that the curve node automatically combines functions;

The machine has a smooth line processing function to ensure that the cutting seam is smooth;

It has variety of working methods (engraving, cutting, drilling, etc.) and support general documents such as DXF, PLT, BMP, AI, JPG, etc. Path optimization, graphic design is completed, automatic production of the best path to save work time.

In application, it is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials, such as fabrics, jeans. Some holes or old colors jeans we wear are processed by CO2 laser cutting machine.It is also for leather, plastic, acrylic, etc. If the power is relatively strong, CO2 laser cutting machine can cut metal too, but the accuracy is generally not too high, and can not cut too thick metal. Compared with fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine is still relatively inadequate, so it rarely for cutting metal. That is all about today’s introduction of CO2 laser cutting machine.
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