Manufacturing of laser welding aids kitchenware

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Manufacturing of laser welding aids kitchenware

Post by lasercuting » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:11 am

Wuhan Perfect Laser is a professional manufacture of stainless steel kitchenware laser welding machine.It is set research and development, production and sales in one of the major high-tech enterprise. The company mainly provides laser equipment and its accessories for customers at home or abroad. Stainless steel kitchenware laser welding machine is a laser welding machine with high processing speed and excellent welding effect. It is a fine product of the kitchenware welding industry and is trusted by customers.

With the rapid development of laser technology processing technology and the impact of Industry 4.0, we can clearly notice that the traditional laser welding method is being gradually replaced. The advanced manufacturing field continues to advance in the areas of intelligence, automation, and information technology. Welding technology has matured in the manufacture of kitchenware. Kitchenware as an industry closely related to people's lives, It has been updated and rised in recent years, such as range hoods, gas appliances, stove panels, ovens, disinfection cabinets, large cabinets, etc. , which need to use a large number of sheet metal welding. Weld appearance and welding quality have always been two major problemsin this field! The popularity of laser welding applications has brought epoch-making leap development to the welding quality of kitchenware products! A series of laser welding fixtures and fully automated production lines developed by Perfect Laser in recent years have become a major highlight of the industry! They are solved the weak points of thin plate welding Successfully.

Laser welding is the use of laser beam fusion materials with extremely high energy density. It has the advantages of fast welding speed, high strength, narrow weld seam, small heat affected zone, small workpiece deformation, less follow-up work, and high flexibility. Laser welding can not only weld common carbon steels and stainless steels, but also weld materials that are difficult to weld using conventional welding, such as structural steel, aluminum, and copper, and can weld various types of welds. Now The sheet metal manufacturing requires higher and higher quality in terms of welding strength and appearance effects. In particular, parts with high added value and high welding quality requirements can be completed without subsequent processing or with very few subsequent processing. The traditional welding method, due to the great heat input, will inevitably lead to distortion and deformation of the workpiece. In order to compensate for the problem of workpiece deformation, a large number of subsequent processing methods will be increase the cost.

Kitchenware is a necessity in our life, owned high-quality kitchen equipment is an important manifestation of improving the standard of living. At the same time, it also increase the desire of “lazy people” to cook. Now, the kitchenware industry is moving toward high-end and intelligent. Wuhan Perfect Laser Company has a stainless steel kitchenware laser welding machine, which is a laser welding machine with high processing speed and excellent welding effect. Its features are as follows.

Fast processing speed: Stainless steel cookware laser welding machine is 3 times faster than traditional welding machine welding speed;
2. Good welding effect: stainless steel kitchenware laser welding machine welding surface is smooth after welding, no need for grinding and polishing treatment;
3. Machinable structure Complex parts: It can process complicated parts and small parts, and can also be processed in vacuum.
4. Easy to operate: combined with automatic control and computer technology, easy to realize automation;
5. Thermal deformation and heat affected area is small: processing thin The advantages of materials such as sheet metal or thin metal tubes are more obvious;
6. The processing is noiseless and has no pollution to the environment.
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