Laser technology in the field of aviation

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Laser technology in the field of aviation

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Advanced modern aerospace requires advanced manufacturing processes and technologies. The precision and quality of the welding and cutting assembly is an important part, and laser technology is indispensable.
1, laser ranging technology
Laser ranging technology is the first laser technology to be practically applied in the military. In the late 1960s, laser rangefinders began to be equipped with troops, which were widely used for reconnaissance surveys and weapon fire control systems because of their ability to quickly and accurately measure target distances.
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2, laser guidance technology
Laser guided weapons have high precision, simple structure, and are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and they play an important role in precision guided weapons.
3, laser communication technology
The laser communication has large capacity, good confidentiality and strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability. Optical fiber communication has become the development focus of communication systems. Airborne, spaceborne laser communication systems and laser communication systems for submarines are also under development.
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4, strong laser technology
A tactical laser weapon made of a high-power laser can blind the human eye and disable the photodetector. The use of high-energy laser beams may destroy military targets such as aircraft, missiles, and satellites. The application of tactical laser weapons such as blinding and air defense is approaching the practical stage. The application of strategic laser weapons for anti-satellite and anti-intercontinental ballistic missiles is still in the exploratory stage.
5, laser cutting technology
Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality and extremely high cutting speed and efficiency, while reducing tool wear.
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6, laser welding technology
The use of laser welding materials can avoid deformation, increase the type of welding materials, eliminate environmental factors, high quality and high efficiency.
7, laser additive manufacturing
Aerospace vehicles are becoming more and more advanced, lighter and more maneuverable, which puts higher demands on structural components: lightweight, integrated, long life, high reliability, integration of structural functions, Low cost operation. Additive manufacturing technology is a "magic bullet" to meet these requirements. The application of additive manufacturing in the aviation field mainly includes the following aspects. The processing of large-scale structural parts and bearing structural parts can shorten the processing cycle, reduce the processing cost / optimize the structural design, significantly reduce the structural weight, save expensive aviation materials, reduce processing costs / process complex shapes, and have thin-walled features. Sex components, breaking through the design constraints brought by traditional processing technology / upgrading the traditional manufacturing technology through laser combined manufacturing technology to achieve composite processing.

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