UV Laser Marking Machine - A Powerful Assistant in Precision Machining

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UV Laser Marking Machine - A Powerful Assistant in Precision Machining

Post by lasercutting » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:24 am

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser technology, the application of laser technology in different fields has been gradually expanded. It is widely used in many aspects of processing.The unique processing methods not only solve many problems, but also provide more possibilities for processing.
UV laser processing features:
In the current field of precision machining, the application of UV laser marking machines is also becoming increasingly widespread. The UV laser processing is called the "light etching" effect, and the "cold processing" has a very high load of energy (ultraviolet) photons, which can break the chemical bonds of material (especially It is the organic material) or the in the surrounding medium until the material undergoes a non-thermal process failure. For the small impact on the surface of the material, this feature is more suitable for the marks of food, medicine, 3C, and home appliances. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is very suitable for the current fine processing. Its excellent performance has been accepted by many industries, and has become an important processing method in the field of precision machining.
Because the UV laser focusing is very small and has a small heat impact zone, it will not affect or destroy the surrounding material that in charge of marking surface at the time of processing. The fine laser beam also satisfies the present fine processing demand and the special field processing needs. It is the first choice to customers who mark with higher effect in the field. The UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and can mark most materials with precision. The processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the stability of the whole machine is good. It can meet needs for mass production and flow operations, and is now a powerful assistant in the field of fine processing. The 2018 UV laser marking machine has been widely used in the high-end market in the processing field. It plays an important role in the current fine processing field and gives us an efficient solution for fine processing.
In addition to UV laser marking machine equipment, there are a full set of laser marking equipment such as optical fiber, carbon dioxide, and Rui pump, and can be customized for the customer's automated water production line, to achieve a full set of automatic laser processing program, to minimize the production cost and increase production efficiency. Over the years, we have always insisted on the customer as the focus of attention, constantly improve product quality and service levels, and always solve the customer's technical problems, to create value for customers as their responsibility, to meet the market and provide the market with high-tech high-quality new products. Our sales network is spread all over the world, aiming to provide customers with the most complete customer service, the most competitive marketing solutions and marketing assistance which has become a reliable partner for many leading customers in the industry.

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