New Engraver - Need help

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New Engraver - Need help

Post by Gilleyman » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:22 pm

Good day, I'm at a loss here, I spent a bunch of money on a 20 Watt Fibre laser engraver from Ebay ( Chinese unit )

I have the software booted up (ezCad2), I can get the text I would like onto the workspace, I have tried a lot of different settings when it comes to speed and power, I Click "hatch" and once I click on "Mark" The laser looks like its trying to do its thing by going around but nothing happens, It just keeps going and going, The laser stays red and does not turn White like I see in the videos about this particular laser. There is a VERY low heat coming from the laser as its making its rounds.

I cannot get any help from the sellers on ebay, There is a language barrier there and it's just hopeless.

Please help any way you can!!

Video link here of the unit and what going on

hitec cnc
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Re: New Engraver - Need help

Post by hitec cnc » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:50 am

Dear Gilleyman:
Good morning.
This is zoe from Hitec group,could you tell me whats your laser generator you use,Raycus or others?
Or you can contact Jinan Hitec Machinery Co.,Ltd
Email:info@hiteccnc. com
Whatsapp/wechat +8613181737002

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