NEWBIE Help! Which machine should I choose?

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NEWBIE Help! Which machine should I choose?

Post by doglover123 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:45 am

Hi Guys,

I am looking to engrave onto dog tags that will be worn by dogs So I believe the engraving needs to be deep to avoid it being rubbed off.

I need to have a machine that can semi-automate as we will be doing around 100 tags each time (each tag with different text)

Ideally a machine that could be setup and do multiples at the same time as we want something that is going to be fast.

Or maybe laser machine is not the best thing?

We will only be doing dog engraving nothing else.

thanks for your help and suggestions...

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Re: NEWBIE Help! Which machine should I choose?

Post by leopoldwei » Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:45 am

Hi Doglover,
This is Leopold from Central Laser company.

Regarding your question, I will suggest the Fiber Laser or MOPA Laser for the metal dog tags. Considering the speed, I might suggest the 30W type. Of cause, the higher power (like 50W or 100W) could get higher speed, but it also means higher cost.

The reason for Fiber Laser (
1. Get better engraving depth.
2. Stable output, the friendly operation interface
3. Few maintain (almost no need)
Inadequacies: Only BLACK color.

The reason for MOPA Laser
1. Could get colorful effective on the laser engraving process (check the detail
2. Multiple parameters to get the different engraving effect
3. Few maintain (almost no need)
Inadequacies: the depth of engraving might not be able to reach more than 0.1mm

If I were you, I won't ask the semi-automated... why? In my part of the view, the only thing we need to do is put in the tags, click the engraving button, then take out the finished tags. I assume the size of tags is the same, and I will make a fixture to hold the tags (like a chocolate box). Maybe 2 fixture is enough. You could put 8 pcs ~ 12 tags on the fixture and do the engraving at once.
Of cause, if you don't want to make the fixture, you could choose our visual position system. I upload the demo video to youtube for your reference. Linking: Our visual position system could lock the tags automatically, and engraving the correct position every time.

OK, I could solve your last problem, input the name. By other software, you might need to input the name for each tag by yourself. Fortunately, if you choose our machine, our software could import Excel file directly. Here is the demo video for your reference.

OK, maybe you know how to choose a suitable laser machine for your business now. If you have any additional question, please feel free to contact me through this forum or e-mail me ( Cheers.
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Re: NEWBIE Help! Which machine should I choose?

Post by celinas » Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:00 am

Hello, doing dog engraving? I haven't done this before, but I have bought the engraving machine from China Perfect Laser, and the effect is really good I think, the money I spend on this fiber laser engraver pays off well. I get what I pay for, so I'm satisfied and would like to buy this machine again whenever required, do not know this will help you? I hope but, and I believe the China Perfect Laser could solve your problem timely, the website

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Re: NEWBIE Help! Which machine should I choose?

Post by MONIALi » Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:52 am

what types of dogs tag do you want? can I recommend the laser engraving machines of China Perfect Laser? depends on your questions and require, I believe they can give the best suggestion to you, for I have bought the laser machine from there before, I liked it very much, hope can help you, the website, you could know more details.

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