whats the advantage of the UV laser marking machine?

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whats the advantage of the UV laser marking machine?

Post by zoe hitec cnc » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:36 am

Ultraviolet light energy greatly reduces the mechanical deformation of the material and greatly reduces the heat affected zone. With high average power and high repetition rate, the UV focused spot is extremely small, mainly used for ultra-fine marking, special material [url]marking and engraving
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1. Fine processing and high yield;

2. Easy to identify the product and achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting identification;

3. The laser processing method is advanced and the degree is high;

4. Low processing noise and high processing stability;

5. No consumables, low cost of use and low maintenance costs;

6. The performance of the whole machine is stable and can be operated for a long time.
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