Advanced parameter settings for laser metal engraving machine software

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Advanced parameter settings for laser metal engraving machine software

Post by perfectlaserChina » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:05 am

After selecting the advanced function of the laser metal engraving machine, the corresponding dialog box pops up, as shown in the project in the dialog box: the first thing to do is to mark yourself: In some occasions, the user needs to divide the input keyboard text and place it in different positions. The main product: laser engraving machine, laser metal engraving machine, semiconductor laser engraving machine and carbon dioxide laser engraving machine.

The laser metal engraving machine also needs to mark this keyboard text, and then apply this function to solve, after setting the relevant parameters of the split character, check the label. In the marking, in addition to engraving the set split character, all the keyboard text just entered will be marked in the corresponding position. There are split string functions in the current advanced features.

Let us give a processing example to illustrate. The bar code printed on the ticket of the Shenzhen Asian Games in 2010 has the entrance number and seat number information of the playing field, but the bar code person cannot directly distinguish it. The laser must be used to mark this information to the designated position of the ticket. At this time, we can use the split string function to read the serial number on the bar code through the bar code scanner, and then automatically divide the serial number and process it to the specified position. As shown in the figure below, the Asian Games ticket list, the serial number below the bar code is the bar code content, the serial number is a total of 7 characters, the first 3 characters represent the entry number, the last 4 characters represent the seat number, the bar code scanner reads the entire character String, MARK2 must automatically divide the read serial number as required and put it in the specified position.

The steps as follows:
1. First create a keyboard variable text: create text > enable variable text > increase > keyboard
2. entering the prompt information and clicking OK, we will get the corresponding interface.
3, after selecting the advanced button, you can see the dialog box popped up. Laser engraving machine.
4. Check the text object that enables the split string to modify the specified name. Click the Add button and the corresponding dialog box will appear. The position of the first character in the string: The starting character in the TEXT1 text is the first character in the string of the keyboard variable text. The total number of characters extracted from the string: Extract a few characters from the string of the keyboard variable text from the first character set. Name of the text object whose content you want to modify: Enter the name of the fixed text that you want to modify the characters read by the split.
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