Application of laser etching equipment in seal anti-counterfeiting technology

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Application of laser etching equipment in seal anti-counterfeiting technology

Post by lasercutting » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:09 am

Everyone knows that seal anti-counterfeiting should be considered from two aspects: one is the unforgeability of the seal; the other is the identifiability of the seal. To solve the problem of unforgeability, it is necessary to start from the aspects of seal materials, production process, production equipment, etc, and the identifiable problems of printed documents should be made from the aspects of ink printing, image recognition, and establishment of seal archives.

Computer typesetting has greatly improved the level of seal technology and production speed, and laser engraving has successfully replaced the method of plate-making stamping, manual and tool photoelectric tracking, which has caused widespread concern of relevant experts.
How to do anti-counterfeit with laser etching equipment?

First, the process is unforgeable and manual imitation is difficult, second, it is easy to reflect many anti-counterfeiting measures in computer typesetting through laser engraving, and this is the biggest advantage that distinguishes it from other processes. For example, engraving bar codes, codes, memorization, non-repeatable dot matrix, charts, patterns, etc, third, it is easy to computer archive, establish a seal archive, and the seals are easy to compare and identify with the sample chapters in the archives through computer image recognition.

Seal anti-counterfeiting should be carried out in two steps: At present, management should be strengthened, and some existing primary anti-counterfeiting measures should be used as much as possible. At the same time, we must vigorously strengthen the application of high technology in the seal industry. Through in-depth investigation, repeated argumentation, and scientific research, we will study a set of practical seal standards, seal processes, seal materials and seal equipment, and establish an identification network and management system. Form a unified national professional system.

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