$2000 Budget - Buying a CO2 Laser.

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$2000 Budget - Buying a CO2 Laser.

Post by jtice » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:34 pm

$2000 Budget
Going to go for it and purchase a laser with in the next month.
Would greatly appreciate some input on which one to go with.
I know that with pretty much all of them I will want to upgrade the cooler and the exhaust fan.
I want to set a budget of $2000, but looks like it might be more like $2300 with a cw5000 cooler.

Looking for a 60w or 80w machine.
Motorized bed height adjustment would be nice, but as long as it is easy and quick to adjust by hand, I can live with that.
Doesnt have to come with the rotary attachment, but I would like it to at least have the hookup for one.
I will be using LightBurn software to run the machine, so I think I need it to use a Ruida based controller.

I would also appreciate any tips on mods I should do to the machine, or things to look out for.
Two things I see done alot are an analog amp meter?
and a temp gauge for the water?
If anyone has any info or links to vids that are really good for setup, alignment, beginners, I would appreciate it.

So far, I am thinking about getting this machine, anyone have any experience with it?
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Upgrated-60W-C ... Swh21acD-q

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