problem with laser tube

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problem with laser tube

Post by mermo » Sat May 23, 2020 12:06 am

Good day, thank you for accept me at this forum.
Im Manuel Rodriguez from El Salvador Central America, I work with two laser machines, one is a 80 watts 1.20x0.90, and the other one is a mixed laser machine 150-180 Watts, 1.30 x 0.90. with the first I had 10 years of work,3 tubes used with the installed rigth now, minimum problems, with the 150-180 watts, to many, first the laser tube almost 1 year and a half of use, is working very bad from the beginning. We think the laser tube that came from China with the machine was used or defectuos. Well, at this time of pandemia, the chinesse do not sell laser tubes, because of the airplanes stop. I have a problem with the 150-180 Watts tube. Here is the question, I had a new replacement laser tube 80 Watts same diameter, can I put this 80 watts tube replaced in the mixed laser machine with the machine 150 watts power supply? for a few days while the chinesse can send me a new 150-180 watts laser tube, the thing is if the 80 watts laser tube resist the power supply of the 150-180 laser tube. Somebody did this sometime.
Thank you if somebody answer my question.
Have a nice weekend

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