5200 Chiller not working

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5200 Chiller not working

Post by prowraps » Tue Aug 18, 2020 6:18 pm

I have a Thunder Laser with 5200 chiller.

Chiller worked fine for about a year.

Now it starts up, and wont stop beeping.

Here are whats going on:
NO water flow problems. Water flows fine.
NO error code. Display shows temp as normal.
Unit is 110v and its plugged into 110v.
NO LOW WATER. Water is full to capacity.
Cover was removed, and it still beeps.
Magnet was put on flow sensor and it still beeps.
Unit powers up as normal.
Compressor kicks on as normal.
Everything is normal and working perfectly. Except it wont stop beeping and therefore I cant use my laser.

This happened a few months ago as well. I turned it off and back on and it worked again. Now Im not so lucky.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: 5200 Chiller not working

Post by janta7788 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 4:41 am

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