I need some information please on new laser

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I need some information please on new laser

Post by Steven61171 » Sat Aug 22, 2020 10:24 am

Hi guys
I am new to the forum and I live in UK and want to buy a laser engraver cutter, I don't need anything huge but I do need to engrave normal items like leather and wood also would like it to cut 3mm ply don't mind if it takes a few turns to get through.
My concerns are that I think I need a c02 laser but I have sewn some posts and videos were people are cuttin ply with 7w diode lasers.
In the uk we have no suppliers I can find of hobbyist machines only Amazon and of course can order from gearbest or aliexpress but then I've heard being charges a lot in import tax so may aswell buy from amazon. The problem I have is that I was going to buy a co2 from amazon for £350.00 but then I have watched videos were people say its great but needs time and money spending on it like a bed new extractor new laser mirrors and air assist. And the laser tube needs replacing about every 1000 hrs if I am lucky and with a diode laser they don't need that much money after buying the unti.
I have a budget of about £500 and this is all in.
I have been hearing goods things said about the ortur 15w(5.5w) at the laser but still unsure what to do just would like a bit advise and if someone knows we're I could buy one from in the uk.

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Re: I need some information please on new laser

Post by janta7788 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:33 am

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