Vigotec VG-L3 Upgrade main board

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Vigotec VG-L3 Upgrade main board

Post by CrazeUK » Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:40 pm

Hi All.
I am quite new to laser engraving.
A while ago, I purchased a Vigotec VG-L3 laser engraver frame. This one
I also purchased a 5.5watt laser to use with it.

The first time I used the laser, I almost set fire to a piece of wood when my laptop went to sleep and the laser continued to fire in one place.

I want to upgrade the main control / driver board to one that can take a SD / USB with the laser files, thus stopping it from relying on my laptop.
It currently uses what looks like an Arduino Nano as a controller, with 2 drivers.

Anyone know of any boards they recommend?


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