Acetal marking

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Acetal marking

Post by joskam » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:29 am

I have a specific application task, which I hope to manage with a laser burner.
I work in a histopathology lab, where we use so called cassettes for the holding of tissue specimens.
I would like to write on these cassettes with the help of a laser engraver. There are histopathology printers on the market, but they come at a ridiculous price of 10k and more.
The histopathology cassettes are made of an acetal resin, in order to be solvent-resistant and can be purchased in white or coloured versions.
I tested the writing on these with a red laser engraver (100W), which worked in the sense, that the text was molded in the resin (at e.g. 20 or 30% intensitity). This result is better than nothing, but this can only be read under strong light.
The result I am looking for is a kind of carbonification of the surface, in order to get a black/gray writing on the surface of the acetal cassette.
I believe, that a blue laser would do that, and that the energy should be maximal and the time minimal.
Has anybody experience and or recommendation for the settings to be applied and machines to be used for this purpose?
Thanks for your support

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