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For Sale: Universal Laser PLS 150D - Lightly used - Louisville, Ky

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 11:03 pm
by benaroh
Hi everyone - I'm selling a Universal 150watt laser - in excellent shape. It's 3.5 years old and has been used very lightly (mostly all prototyping). Selling it for around half what I paid, and is a good buy for anyone looking to upgrade their machine. Asking $15,900 picked up in Louisville Ky. Open to offers.

Here are the details:
The machine has worked flawlessly and been very well maintained. ULS provided excellent support for parts, lenses, technical help (although I've not had any issues at all).

150 watts total - dual 75watt tubes.

Located in Louisville, Ky. I'd highly prefer pickup in person - can also demo the machine at time of pickup.

A commercial exhaust fan capable of 1300+ CFM is also included.

Message me or respond to this post for contact info.
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