Brass cutting on 500W laser machine

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Brass cutting on 500W laser machine

Post by suraj_aithal » Fri Nov 06, 2020 4:13 pm

Hello all,
We have a 500 Watt Laser Machine. We have been advised by the manufacturer that it can cut Brass and Copper. Apparently when we tried cutting 1mm brass there are burn marks and the complete is incomplete. The software used is CypCut.

The process carried out in brief is:
1. An Evaporation film is cut with the following parameters
Cutting Speed: 2m/min
Lift height: 20mm
Cut height: 3mm
Cut Gas: Oxygen
Cut pressure: 4 Bar
Cut Frequency: 3000Hz
Cut Power: 65%

2. The cut is then made with the following parameters:

Cut speed: 1.2m/min
Lift height : 20mm
Cut height: 1.3mm
Cut gas: Nitrogen
Cut pressure: 5 Bar
Cut frequency: 5000Hz
Cut Power: 100%

Then the pierce is made in two stages, the parameters remain the same, the only changes are the
Stage 1: Step time: 300 ms , Power : 80% , Frequency : 2500 Hz
Stage 2: Step time:1500 ms , Power : 100%, Frequency : 1000 Hz
It would be really helpful if anyone can advise any suggestions or change in parameters that is supposed to be carried out.

Thanks in Advance.

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