Convert from DC (Glass) to RF (Metal tube) Laser

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Convert from DC (Glass) to RF (Metal tube) Laser

Post by khlaserworks » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:10 am

Hi Everyone.

Wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience converting a GLass tube (DC) Laser to a Metal (RF) Laser.
I do understand the costs involved from the Tube perspective. but has anyone done this? if so how much involved using lets say using current control boards and software.

Currently have a BODOR BCL0605MU 90w Reci tube.

Apologies in advance, i do realize there probably are a lot of things that need to be known, but hoping there are some people on here with a lot of knowledge that are willing to step me in the right direction. Im happy to do research and such, but havent seemed to be able to find much online?

Thanks in advance

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