Do K40 lasers come wet or dry? Hours on used tube?

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Do K40 lasers come wet or dry? Hours on used tube?

Post by faraday » Wed Nov 25, 2020 7:11 pm

I've been looking for a K40 specific forum, but this is the closest I could find. Have a quickie question if anyone knows.

Bought a 40W laser off eBay from a seller that specializes in "second hand" equipment. I asked before buying and they claimed that the units were previously ordered by mistake and returned, that they are unused.

So, I bought one and when it came it last night the unit looked pretty clean, ie unused, however the glass laser tube and plastic water tubing both had water droplets and pooled water in them. The laser was manufactured Nov 2019 and I figure any manufacture test water should long ago have evaporated.

So, when new, do these normally come in wet, or dry?

If I suspect the tube or laser has hours on it, how would I know?


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