EZcad doesn't recognize stroke widths

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EZcad doesn't recognize stroke widths

Post by malebuffy » Wed May 30, 2018 6:18 am


I am new to this Laser Marking thing. I bought a 20W fiber laser marking machine and it came with EZcad. Now the problem I am having is that I cannot find anywhere to change line and stroke width. Say when I want to engrave text and don't use a hatch, I engrave the outlines but the lines are very thin. If I want to increase the thickness I cant because there is no option. Its either the thin outline or a hatch will all filled.

The same goess to vector graphics imported from Illustrator. Stroke widths are completely ignored.

Is there a way around it or I am using the Hatch incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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Re: EZcad doesn't recognize stroke widths

Post by malebuffy » Thu May 31, 2018 12:07 pm

Just got an answer on another forum I wanted to share to help anyone with the same problem...

couple of ways to do this, one is to use the Num Loops function within the hatch menu:

this will create extra lines INWARD, it won't expand outward (at least I can't figure out how)
note the settings at the arrows:
Follow Edge Once needs to be ON or the original outline won't appear-
Set the Line Space to 0, this prevents any hatch filling
Num Loops- set this number for how many offsets you think you'll need, I put in 6-
Loop Distance, this is space between the lines, I entered .02mm

NEXT, if you go to the EDIT button at the top, down at the bottom of the edit menu is "offset"-- this is the second way to do this. However, it has its limitations; one being you can only offset one closed graphic at a time, and you have to choose it first. So select a line, then click on Offset... once you do, at the top of the screen below the main buttons you'll get a prompt for "offset dist", enter a distance. To the right of that will be an option to "delete old curve"- if you just want to offset once, say to fatten up an object before hatching, then select it, and the original line will delete. Now comes the fun part- to DO the offset, just place the mouse arrow on the side of the line you want to offset towards, as in, if you want to offset inward, just place the arrow on the inside of the object, and click the mouse, and you'll get a new line-- click again and you'll get another new line! To offset outwards, put the arrow outside and start clicking! But NOTE- each new line becomes "the original" line, so, if you start going outward then go inward, it will duplicate your previous lines! So before changing directions, you need to stop to process, then choose the most outer or inner line as the new original...

Speaking of stopping the process, hitting the ESC button will halt the duplicating, but to EXIT the process, you need to click the arrow button at the top left of the side menu (just like you need to do to stop drawing boxes or circles, etc...)

Take some practice, I'm still learning, but it's fun -- these functions can work hand in hand with hatch filling too, as you'll find out!

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Re: EZcad doesn't recognize stroke widths

Post by Cherry Stylecnc » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:31 am

We are professional manufacturer of laser marking machine in China. we have a special user manaul about how to use the EZCAD software, you can go to this web to download it:

https://www.stylecnc.com/cnc-solutions/ ... chine.html

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Re: EZcad doesn't recognize stroke widths

Post by engraver1 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:48 pm

in EZcad, on the right side, below the machine parameters settings, is a button labeled "advanced"-- click on that, and the 'advanced mark params' menu will open. In there you should find "wobble". Among other things, 'wobble' is designed to add thickness to single lines. You should see "diameter" and "distance" settings, and a check-box next to 'wobble'...

What wobble does is engrave a spiral. The diameter you set will be the diameter of the spiral, which will be the actual 'stroke width'. The distance setting is how far it moves from one spiral to the next, so it's essentially the same as a hatch fill distance.

So, if you want a .3mm stoke width, and you would normally set a hatch fill space at .04mm, then simply put .3mm as the diamter and .05 as the distance-- then be sure to mark the 'wobble' check box.

NOTE, the wobble is color-coordinated and will wobble EVERYTHING, including hatch fills, so be sure to choose your colors to wobble or not wobble.

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