What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of glass cutting machines?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of glass cutting machines?

Post by lasercuting » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:36 am

Glass cutting is the first step in the deep processing of glass and is the most frequently used process. This is often due to the glass cutting machine which is a common glass mechanical device. When cutting with an automatic glass cutter, you need to typeset before you can cut, remove the film and other processes. It is not only required to discharge as many pieces as possible in accordance with the required shape on the original glass plate to improve the utilization of the raw materials, but also to require the typesetting operation to be simple and easy to use. Mechanical interaction typesetting is a kind of typesetting method that the operator uses the on-site control task sheet to typeset and cut, whicih is the most common and most convenient type. The type of cutting machine can be divided into manual semi-automatic and fully automatic according to different applied powers. If it is based on the shape of glass, it can be divided into square, special-shaped and round glass cutting machines. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these cutting machines?

Manually-shaped glass cutting machine is easy to operate, and the cost is not high. It is mainly based on shaped glass in machining center, but the size of machinable glass is not large, and it is necessary to make a mold first when processing special-shaped glass. However, mold manufacturing requires experience and skills , will be time-consuming.

The semi-automatic special-shaped glass cutting machine adds some automatic functions on the manual basis which makes the operation flow more simple, the manufacturing cost is higher than the manual cutting machine, but it is still at a relatively affordable level, and the machinable glass size is slightly larger than the manual cutting machine. The same is based on the special-shaped glass cutting, but also need make a mold before the processing of heterosexual glass. although it also means that time and effort, but due to the cutting time using pneumatic+ motor kinetic energy, saving a lot of manpower, therefore, the production efficiency is much higher than manual cutting machines.

Automatic glass cutting machines can process square, round and special-shaped glass. The processing method is controlled by the computer software equipped with the machine, and the drawing is directly performed and the operation is performed. The sample adjustment is convenient. Professional cutting software and optimization software make the cutting process easier, with higher efficiency and precision, reducing the human error and loss, saving the company's production and labor costs. With the arrival of an aging population, automation has increasingly become a means of transforming and upgrading traditional enterprises.

Therefore, automatic glass cutting machines are increasingly welcomed by deep processing companies. Similarly, due to the high degree of automation, its manufacturing costs are higher than manual and semi-automatic cutting machines. In the future, it will also gradually develop in the direction of fully automatic glass cutting production line, realize the unmanned operation from the original film to the next film, and further increase the production efficiency, but it is still in its infancy the industry has not appeared fully mature technical equipment. In particular, there is always a gap between domestic equipment and foreign equipment. Deep processing companies must choose the right product according to their actual capabilities. lthough the advantages of automatic glass cutting machine are outstanding, but compared to small businesses, the cost is too high, and each time requires a large number of processing and production, each time you need to re-adjust the processing graphics, but not flexible to adapt to small batches Order production.
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