New to Laser engraving

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New to Laser engraving

Post by rodrinat » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:14 pm

Hi i am Rodrigo Natero from Argentina and i am new to laser engraving. I tried to make some photos but the detail i got is very bad. i use a 100 W tube at 100 m/s and 12% power with and interval of 0.086. the material i´m working on is MDF.
I will leave you the photo i´m trying to engrave, the preparetion i made to the photo and the end result. Any advice on how to improve will be well recived.
Thank you very much
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Wayne Rees
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Re: New to Laser engraving

Post by Wayne Rees » Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:00 pm

when the image is rasterised it is loosing definition due to the algorithm, you will get better results in processing in a graphics package as there is usually a choice of different algorithms to process the image, if you are doing a lot of photos get a specialist software called Photograv. your interval of o.o86 equates to 295 DPI, also MDF is a dark colour so reduces the contrast of the image, try on Birch ply, poplar or a light coloured wood

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Re: New to Laser engraving

Post by Reiny » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:08 am


You should look to get more contrast in your dark areas, and use a more detailed resolution to your b&w picture ( At least 200dpi ore higher...)
you may choose an other algorithm to convert the image to b&w. Look for an irregular frequency modulated one. Like most desktop inkjet printers do work with.
Also mind that your power adjusment could be a little bit higher to get more contrast too.
What I can't see is the actual size of the final engraving. so I have to guess it is not enough detailed because the resolution isn't high enough.
Please let us know your improoved results.

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