thin metal cut 05 mm / 0.7 mm

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thin metal cut 05 mm / 0.7 mm

Post by andaluzia1973 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:41 am


I would like to attempt to cut a thin metal 0.5 mm / 0.7 mm.
What are the measure of protection that I have to take in order to prevent damages on the machine?
What are the setting to start with (130W laser)?

Thank you

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Re: thin metal cut 05 mm / 0.7 mm

Post by Wayne » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:49 pm

if it is a good tube which is outputting more than 130W you will cut thin mild steel upto half a mm, but it will be slow 1 -2mm per sec.

To cut metal you really need 150+W and Oxygen not air, although there is oxgen in air its only around 20 percent, pure oxygen acts like fuel and reacts with the heated metal to increase the temperature, this enables the machine to cut faster, with Oxy and 130W you may get upto 5mm sec, but it really depends on the output of the tube. around 95PSI is good for cutting, but your laser may not be equiped to deal with such high pressures. Most laser air assist is less than 1 bar

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