Not cutting smooth

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Not cutting smooth

Post by stevenresnick » Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:31 pm

I just tried to cut into Baltic Birch and i'm not getting smooth lines.
The letters are about 3/16" high.
My machine is level and on the leveling pads so it isn't shaking.
Please see the attached picture.

IMG_1495.JPG (762.5 KiB) Viewed 1805 times

Thunder Laser -Nolan
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Re: Not cutting smooth

Post by Thunder Laser -Nolan » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:39 am

Hi Steven,

For your answer is Underline.

I’ve solved the cutting problem and discovered another problem.
Glad to heat that you resolve the cutting problem, i think it should be caused the wrong focal distance.
When I use the auto focus it leave a big gap between the laser tube and the wood.
the gap is not about 6mm,right? how distance of the gap is it?
When I use the 6mm acrylic to manually adjust it cuts perfectly. (you can see the results that I got from the photo below).
So, how do I adjust the auto focus??
I’ve tried to move the sensor but I get the same results.
Don't move the sensor,the bottom of the sensor should be at the same level with the laser head.
In the software it shows the depth of 4.5mm under the test tab, current position.
If you look at the small letters they are all jagged looking when they are supposed to be smoothed.(laser is resting on the pads so it isn’t moving)
how's your setting? for cutting letters, what speed you set?try to lower the speed,set 100 or less cutting speed to try.
Now for the software issue:
When I output the design from Corel using the plugin I have to you different setting in RDWorks.
All of the preset are different when I open RDWorks viruses sending it out through Corel plugin.
It seems that there is 2 different copies of software version V8.08.18 on my computer
If the plugin have the problem, you can try another way, save as .DXF format file by Corel, then open it from RDworks.

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