Application Field Of The Pipeline Inkjet Printer

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Application Field Of The Pipeline Inkjet Printer

Post by lasercutting » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:51 am

Among many marking methods, the pipeline inkjet printer has been favored by more and more users for its low operating cost, permanent label and high quality. In today's logo technology, some logo suppliers are constantly creating more ideal logo products for customers by listening to customer needs and accumulating industry experience, so as to further improve the overall production efficiency of the company.
Perfect Laser multi-function variable data high high definition Inkjet Printer PM-900B

The Perfect Laser pipeline inkjet printer inherits the superior quality of the coding equipment. For example, the product has stable performance and minimizes the possibility of unplanned downtime. It has the lightest and most compact print head of the same type of laser printer. Suitable for any small production space, providing more options for equipment installation; red visual aiming spot helps operators to accurately position the print position before etching. It is worth mentioning that the laser head of the series laser jet printer uses the newly developed UV laser technology to generate beautiful marks on PET, glass, labels and other materials, which is suitable for a variety of applications and can reduce the amount of equipment input. More user-friendly design, in addition, the series also incorporates more user-friendly design concepts, making the operation and control process more convenient. Laser printers make it easier to use, the basic user interface is intuitive and easy to operate; secondly, the laser products have remote control and networking capabilities

Inkjet coding equipment is widely used in food, beverage, brewing, medicine, electronics, and daily chemical industries. The food industry has a wide variety of products, various packaging formats and different specifications. The laser jet printer can meet the needs of various production lines, and can stably cooperate with the production lines of static, low speed, medium speed and even high speed to generate high-definition beautiful logos. Enhance product value and thus enhance corporate image.

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