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Re: NEWBIE needs advice

Post by mikegled » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:52 am

Hey guys,

I have done a lot with 3D printing and CNC machining but never done any laser cutting and i want to buy a laser cutter and trying to work out which way to go.

All i want to do is score thing plastic film.

The substrate is a laminated film that is 15micron (0.015mm) nylon, 9micron (0.009mm) aluminium, 80micron HDPE (0.080mm).

All i want to do is cut a circle through the 80micron HDPE but leave the aluminium and nylon layers intact. Is it possible to get a laser that can cut through this thin HDPE plastic but stop at this very thin foil layer? Will an LED layer do this or would i need a CO2 Laser.

I assume controlling the depth using the focal point would be impossible.

If you guys had any recommendations on a machine to do this that would be good. I am only cutting circles that are 10mm diameter so the bed of the cutter can be quite small.

Basically these will become a very low pressure bust disk which is what i am trying to make.

Thanks in advance. I am a total newbie to this and not even sure if laser is good for this job or not.

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