Some experiments with lasers

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Some experiments with lasers

Post by gf_endurance » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:08 pm

For a while we were afraid to do a laser engraving on aluminum, we knew that only
powerful CO2 lasers 80W+ could do that and also not all.
Then we decided, why don’t we paint an aluminum and try to make this experiment and
we did it.
It is absolutely amazing…
Many DIY suppliers and producers of diode lasers say that their lasers do not engrave
on metal, for some reasons our laser can.
We used a DIY machine for that. By the way if you purchase them from Ali and you
need a video tutorial how to assemble it you may like ours
Or if you need to know how to assemble MakeBlock 2.0 XY plotter you are also
welcome to watch this guidance

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