What machine / software do I need to engrave Quartz & other stone materials?

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What machine / software do I need to engrave Quartz & other stone materials?

Post by Matty639 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:33 am

(Small post edit: Quartz contains around 5% resin if that makes any difference)

So I have a new home business venture that will primarily include cutting natural stone slabs & tiles, being a tiler with a decent amount of knowledge and experience with the cutting side of things, I don't feel that I am in much need of expertise there. However, I may be looking into engraving for personalised finishes etc.

Being completely inexperienced and holding absolutely no knowledge of the best tools for the job (what is suitable for the material I'm engraving) I'm hoping someone here has a great brain for me to pick at!

I'll be starting out with what I'd call to be "simple" engravings such as names, initials etc. Though it's probably not that simple, in the future I would be looking to engrave more intricate designs if all goes well.

I've seen there are a few types of engraving and all the machines &a software to match (very overwhelming) I'm aware budget will probably be a question asked in my direction so let's just say I'd like to keep it around £150 -200 (somewhat flexible tools depending)

Materials being used may include;


Many thanks!
Some Quartz
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