What you need to think about first, buying an engraver?

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What you need to think about first, buying an engraver?

Post by Elton29 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:58 pm

The main question that future engravers are asking is what is the cost of mastering this market. When choosing the necessary equipment, one must try to determine the purpose of use as clearly as possible. At purchase it is necessary to "estimate" not only proceeding from means for purchase of the machine tool, but also cost of its maintenance and account materials.
The laser engraver kit does not always include the equipment that is needed. Often it has to be supplemented, depending on the work done.
For example: for engraving and cutting of dense materials you need a table from the standard configuration. But for the processing of thinner objects, such as cloth and leather, a cellular table is needed.
The purchase of a new laser engraver is always accompanied by a number of emotional moments.
Long choice, careful weighing of all "For" and "Against", and here it is brought and it must be used somehow. The main task is not to harm! We also tried low-power (~ 500-2000 mW) available lasers. They have quite good characteristics https://www.bestadvisor.com/laser-engraver , who cares. With their help, you can really engrave. For a small leather workshop, it will also be good.
Control is carried out using a computer or laptop. You can prepare the image using standard vector editors.
For working with lasers, you can use software that converts raster images to vector, and vector - to gcode. For example, free distributed programs InkScape, SketchUp, GBRLcontroller, Repetierhost, Cura.
Engraving can also differ in the type of application. Vector engraving - a laser beam draws thin lines evenly and over the entire surface. Raster - the application of individual points and lines with a laser.
Let's discuss here our experience and the problems we faced.

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Re: What you need to think about first, buying an engraver?

Post by pro70z28 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:53 pm

When I bought mine last fall, my first thought was how big can I go, as to not restrict myself down the road. Equal with that was wattage. I actually ordered a laser late in the week, and during the weekend cancelled that order and reordered the next size larger. Never regretted the upgrade.

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