How to improve the marking speed for a laser marking machine?

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How to improve the marking speed for a laser marking machine?

Post by BonnieStylecnc » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:20 am

So marking factors such as laser marking machine is a kind of efficient marking machine, it has been widely used, aiming to Laser marking machine speed, we need to exactly fit in line setting, it can be the perfect realization of line marking. Of our laser marking machine? In general, the speed of the semiconductor laser marking machine is generally 7000mm/s, the maximum speed of the optical Fiber laser marking machine can reach 8000mm/s.In the ideal state of laser marking machine, speed can reach this value, in real life due to various factors affecting the marking speed, mainly in the following points.

1. Marking depth
If you want to hit the depth of the surface of the material is higher, it is necessary to increase the parameter configuration, increase the laser power, the depth of the mark will take up a certain time, resulting in a slower pace of the overall marking.

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