laser marking hip flask

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laser marking hip flask

Post by Salmagundi » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:49 pm

toa ll,

I have looked high and low for this information but haven't found it yet. How does one set the focal point when laser marking a curved hip flask? It can't be mounted on the rotary attachment. do you set the focal distance to the high part in the middle of the flask or to the low point toward the side or somewhere in between?


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Re: laser marking hip flask

Post by Ben » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:09 am

Hi Deborah,

For laser marking hip flask,actually the fiber laser marking machine is easier and better.

The CO2 laser machine can also do that,you should coat the stainless steel or metal with a product called thermark spray and you laser it and it makes a permanent black mark. Works real well.
I find a video from network,have a look below.
The speed should be slow,and the focal distance,please try by yourself,which way will get the best result.
It would be good if you can share here after testing.

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