The advantages of fiber laser marking machine

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The advantages of fiber laser marking machine

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1. Excellent beam quality.

Excellent beam quality to ensure that optical laser marking machine ( a variety of material satisfying marking effects, widely applied in most nonmetal marking industries non metal materials like cloth, fabric, PVC, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic and etc.

2. Laser long service life

The average working hours can up to 45000 hours.

3. Light path and galvo scannerThe optical system: 10.6µm based on the high precision, vibrating mirror reflection focusing system.
Laser correction: choose red visible laser collimator's systems instructions axis position, indicating light and laser coaxial, in the process to tracing the function of the instructions and timely and accurate registration.Galvo mirror is set to track operation of the laser executive mechanism, and it mainly consists of high accuracy servo motor, motor driven plate, mirror, F-θ lens and dc supply of power.

4. Special marking software

The laer marking system ( in WINDOWS7 interface, English operating system, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD and so on many kinds of drawing software:time date, bar code, serial number, mark, output in English, graphics, all kinds of bar code, Qr code, etc. Word stock the function is all ready, 200 kinds of fonts, can customize wired font, creating one of the proprietary dictionaries.

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