Laser marking applications in various industries - beer and clothing

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Laser marking applications in various industries - beer and clothing

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Directions:As a modern precision machining method, laser marking has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical sculpting and electric discharge machining.The laser marking machine is maintenance-free, highly flexible, and highly reliable. It is especially suitable for applications where fineness, depth, and smoothness are required. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields such as metal, ceramics, clothing, beer, and food.

"Catalysts" for hardware products
Laser marking is widely used in the hardware industry. The metal products that can be processed include iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloys, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides.
The laser marking machine can mark various words, serial numbers, product numbers, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, and production dates on the hardware products, and the time, date or serial number or product number can be automatically skipped.Laser marking of text and graphics is not only clear and detailed, but also can not be erased, modified, which is very beneficial for product quality and channel tracking, but also can effectively prevent the sale of expired products, anti-counterfeiting and prevent channeling.

Hardware products carved by a laser marking machine have a fine pattern and a minimum line width of 0.04mm. The marking is durable, beautiful and clear.Laser marking machine can meet the need of printing large amounts of data on extremely small hardware products. It can print 2D barcodes that require higher definition and more precise. Compared with embossing or jet marking, it has powerful functional advantages, which make laser marking machines have a wider market at home and abroad.

Ceramic Artwork "Artwork"
Early in the development of human civilization, ceramic products had appeared. It is an indispensable part of our human civilization. It has been a long process of development along with our human civilization. It has extremely high practicality and artistry.Ceramics has deeply entered every corner of our lives.Ceramic laser marking machines play an important role in current ceramic processing and provide efficient machining solutions for current ceramic marking processes.The ceramic laser marking machine adopts all-digital laser marking and unique deep laser engraving technology. It has extremely high stability, high accuracy and easy operation, enabling more novel marking processes to be realized. It offers more possibilities for current ceramic processing.

The existing laser marking technology can already meet the precise processing of some corresponding numbers, characters, patterns and other information of many types of ceramics, making it highly artistic and fashionable.
For some trademarks, batch numbers, dates, or patterns or numbers with specific needs, the use of the laser marking device can achieve the ultimate exquisite marking effect, giving ceramic products different fashion charm.At the same time, the long-lasting, long-lasting, wear-resistant, non-fading, clear, texture, not only will not affect the original quality of ceramic products, but also further enhance the value of ceramic products, so that consumers can be more willing to accept.Nowadays, with the rapid development of laser technology, the application of lasers in the field of ceramics is becoming more and more in-depth. Like today's metal laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines, there are more possibilities for current ceramic processing. Let the current ceramic products more beautiful.

Lead the fashion trend
In modern times, there is a growing demand for clothing.Due to the improvement of people's quality of life and higher and higher requirements, the traditional processing methods have been difficult to meet the growing apparel industry.However, the use of laser marking and laser cutting methods for processing is a completely new form.Laser processing is not only very accurate, convenient and high-power processing products, but also the processing of products is also very precise and conceived.

On the other hand, laser marking is a brand-new processing method. Laser marking technology has gradually been widely used in the leather and textile industry.Many of the clothes that we wear in our daily lives are laser-marked to complete the fine patterns we see today.Without laser marking, there is no richness in our clothing.

In terms of clothing, the main techniques of marking are reflected in clothing laser embroidering, cowboy laser spraying, laser marking of leather fabrics, applique laser marking, etc., and then appearing in different patterns to show that they are unique beauty.

Laser marking has the advantages of high marking accuracy, high speed, clear marking, and the ability to print various characters, symbols, and patterns on the flat and arc surfaces of various products.Laser marking is compatible with the various advantages of laser marking and engraving. It can be precisely machined on various materials to process complex patterns with small dimensions.The print mark has anti-counterfeiting performance that never wears out, and can be specially used to fabricate various emblems and logos with complicated and fine print patterns such as cloth labels, leather labels, metal labels, and is the best choice for the processing of branded clothing accessories.

Laser engraving has the advantages of high precision of carving, hollowing, no burrs, and various shapes. It can fully meet today's concept of seeking independent characteristics.It can suit multiple industries,and it can be marked on the upper, clothing, shoes, bags, leather products, handbags, etc.Laser marking machine, whether it is for the sculpting industry or the leather industry, features high power and low cost, which gives many manufacturers the advantage of quickly occupying the market and improving their competitiveness.

"Getting closer" to the beer industry
Beer is one of humankind's oldest alcoholic beverages. It is the third-best beverage consumed in the world after water and tea.In the past beer industry, due to the high processing speed of beer, the oscillating movement of the bottle during processing, and the relatively humid environment of processing, the requirements for processing are high. Both the traditional marking method and the laser marking require extremely severe conditions.Nowadays ,With the development of laser technology , the level of automation continues to increase.The application of laser in the bottle wine industry is also gradually widespread, and excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing the traditional processing methods.

The laser marker is focused on the surface of the beer glass via a very high energy laser beam. Under the high energy of the laser, the surface layer will be physically vaporized in a very short time, leaving a smooth and textured pattern on the surface.At the same time, the laser marking machine can also control the effective displacement of the laser beam and accurately mark the surface of the beer bottle with exquisite pattern text.Compared with traditional markings, the current price of laser marking machines may be more expensive than traditional equipment.However, the laser marking can leave a clear and permanent marking pattern on the surface of the bottle wine, and it can not be rubbed and altered, which is a good effect of the anti-counterfeit marking.This is undoubtedly not a favorable processing method for the highly competitive bottle industry.

With the continuous upgrading and improvement of laser technology, the service life and performance of lasers have been greatly improved. Like today's fiber laser marking machines, marking is clear, the scope of application is wide, and the maintenance cost is low.It is believed that laser applications in the beer industry will become increasingly widespread in the near future.

Stop food "date game"
In recent years, "food safety" has been a hot topic.Nowadays, people no longer only pay attention to packaging, taste, price, but pay more attention to food safety.What is less known is that the food packaging on the market is a mixed bag, and even the shelf life that people believe most can be falsified.Laser marking machine as an advanced laser processing equipment, used in the food packaging industry, will help contain the "date game" on food packaging from the source.

An industry source said: "Either printing or coding, as long as the use of ink, can be altered. Printing time information, within three years can be arbitrarily adjusted." Regarding the problem of altering the shelf life of foods, everyone knows from big companies to small vendors.Only consumers who are “hidden rules” are in the dark, seriously infringing on the rights and interests of consumers.
Using laser marking, the production date and other information are laser engraved on the packaging.Laser marking is a marking method that utilizes high-energy-density lasers to locally irradiate workpieces to vaporize or color change the surface layer materials, leaving a permanent mark. It has high marking accuracy and high speed. Clear features and other features.

The laser marking machine can print a large amount of data in a very small range. The laser energy can be marked on the product material itself with a very fine beam. The printing accuracy is high, the control is accurate, and the printing content is clearly and perfectly interpreted.It has a strong market competitiveness, and environmental protection and safety, without any corrosive, completely cut off the chemical pollution, which is also a kind of intimate protection for operators, to ensure the clean and tidy production site, reduce the late investment, reduce noise pollution.
With the continuous maturity of laser technology, laser marking technology will be widely used in more and more fields.
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