Can the fiber laser cutter cut laminating film metal sheets?

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Can the fiber laser cutter cut laminating film metal sheets?

Post by Therese Guo » Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:01 am

laminating film metal materials are used very much in our lives. In order to ensure the clean and bright surface of the metal sheet, film protection is very necessary. Such as our common metal doors and windows, elevators and kitchen supplies. However, many people may ask, fiber laser cutting machine can cut laminating film metal? :?: :?: :?:

The fiber laser cutting machine is known as a metal cutting expert and can also cut for the laminating film metal sheet, it still has certain difficulties:

1. Because the fiber laser wavelength is relatively short, only 1.06um, it is difficult to absorb it by non-metallic materials. When cutting stainless steel foil, there are often undesirable phenomena such as slagging, cannot cut through, etc. it will influence the cutting quality and normal production of the plate.

2. In order to melt the surface of the film, it is necessary to rely on the reflection heat of the laser on the steel plate. Small power cannot be cut through the film. But if the power is high, the surface of the metal plate may be damaged.

In fact, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut laminating film metal. STYLECNC will talk about the precautions of the fiber laser cutting machine to cut the laminating film metal:

In general, in order to ensure that the film is not damaged, we will cut the side of the film first, the side of without the film facing downward.

The cutting process is: when the machine cutting, the height of the laser head should be about 10mm, and the power should be adjusted to about 300W. First, burned the film which on the cutting path, and then the machine can cut the metal.

Some people may find it inconvenient. Why not cut the without film side directly? Because if the film side is facing down, the splattered residue from the fiber laser cutting machine will adhere to the film. And it is difficult to handle. Therefore, we recommended that cut down the film first.

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