What features and benefits of IPG fiber Laser source

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What features and benefits of IPG fiber Laser source

Post by Nick Stylecnc » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:32 am

一.High power fiber laser cutting source(https://www.stylecnc.com/metal-laser-cutting-machine/)with excellent beam quality

High power fiber laser source uses double-clad active fiber, This double-clad fiber is a dual-waveguide structure. High-power multi-mode pump light is limited to transmission in larger inner diameter claddings. Provides the conditions for the use of high-power, inexpensive multi-mode pump light. The signal laser(https://www.stylecnc.com/metal-laser-cutting-machine/)is generated and transmitted in a core with a small diameter and a circular symmetric waveguide structure, Under the constraints of a small core core waveguide, Signal lasers for ideal beam quality and minimal spot diameter. This is an important feature of the all-fiber laser's unique attraction.
In high-power laser sources, there is currently no laser capable of surpassing IPG. Excellent beam quality and extremely small spot diameter are very important in laser applications, makes the optical system of subsequent applications simpler to more efficient work, deeper processing and better processing quality.

二.Inherently fully enclosed flexible light path

The optical path of the all-fiber laser consists entirely of optical fibers and fiber optic components, the fiber-optic welding technology is used to connect fiber and fiber components, the entire laser beam is completely enclosed in the fiber waveguide.
Because the fiber is small and has good flexibility, the laser beam can be coiled and traveled along small pipes, therefore, all fiber laser source can work in harsh environments. Output fiber can pass through narrow gaps or travel long distances along small pipes. These features have great advantages in industrial applications, the laser can not only adapt to the harsh working environment, lasers can be introduced to previously difficult places, make laser processing equipment design more flexible, etc.


三.Light path with maintenance-free features

Practice has proved that the connection structure and connection parameters thus formed will remain stable over the long term, if the fiber and fiber components themselves have long-term stability, the entire light path will be stable for a long time without maintenance.

四.Single core diode pumped laser module

Optical fiber laser has long-term stability, so the long-life pump lasers need to be matched to obtain the long life of the whole machine. After a period of development, high power diode laser arrays can generate higher power lasers and better beam quality, the average running time can reach 10,000 hours.
The single core diode laser module used by IPG has many advantages, the main thing is that there is no need for water cooling. And can easily introduce double-clad fiber with high efficiency, No complicated optical focusing and light guide system. Single core junction can produce the same high output power as the array, higher beam quality and longer work time.

五.Over 100,000 hours of service life

Single-core junction pump laser as the pump source for fiber lasers, don’t need the water cooling, and can easily introduce double-clad fiber with high efficiency, no complicated optical focusing and light guide system, single core junction can produce the same high output power as the array. Therefore, the average time between failures of IPG fiber lasers exceeds 100,000 hours.

六.High output power

IPG Fiber Laser Output Power After Breaking 100W, rapid increase in output power levels, It only took about 5 years, the output power level has exceeded that of other brands of laser generators. At present, the laboratory level of fiber lasers has exceeded 100,000 watts, 50 MW of optical fiber has been commercialized, it can be foreseen that the fiber laser will become the laser with the longest continuous output power.

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