What is the right price of Laser marking machine.

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What is the right price of Laser marking machine.

Post by leopoldwei » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:35 am

Overall, we want to buy the machine as cheap as possible. But, what price is the right one?
Please remember, the lower price = the higher risk. In fact, when you post your new marking machine on the Facebook and tell your friend that you just pay less than USD1,800, I could tell you, some of your friends are laughing.

I am service for laser marking machine company, I know, any machine under USD 1,800 is means "poor quality", "low output", "no after service". You, the buyer, should take all the risk on your own if you decided to buy the cheap machine. Don't trust the 90% electric transfer rate, it's just a number, an AD word which the seller wants to cover their poor quality.

In China, if you want to have a "qualified" fiber laser, it's might cost around USD 2,000, and the price is for wholesaler only. If you purchase any laser marking machine from Taobao, Alibaba or others China B2B website, you should ask yourself "is the price right"? In my part of a view, if you purchase any marking machine under USD 2,000, you should get a machine without the shell, monitor, rack, operation software even the power supply.

Let's calculate the cost now if add the company cost, staff salary, machine case cost, lens price, scan head, operation software, connection material, coating cost... etc, I do believe the cost should be no less than 3,000.

So, seriously, stop buying the cheap laser marking machine from Taobao, Alibaba, eBay or any B2C website. If you really want to buy from there, you should take the risk on your own. Remember, a penny is a penny, please don't wast your money to buy a non-qualified machine.

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