Before you purchase, there are several items you have to confirm:

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Before you purchase, there are several items you have to confirm:

Post by Nick Stylecnc » Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:08 am

Purchasing of a laser machine should be careful and conscious. Failed investment in wrong equipment may adversely affect the successful development of your business.

In general, we set goals as below:

1.To raise the customers’ level of knowledge and requirements of choosing the laser equipment.
2.To reveal the design features of some CO2 laser machines, which are mostly hidden by sellers.
3.To increase general level of laser culture among laser machines users.
4.Guide to buy a high quality CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

First , learn about what material you wants to process by the CO2 laser machine( Nonmetal material usually requires CO2 laser machine, but metal sheet cutting work requires fiber laser cutting machine.( ... price.html

Second, Select the appropriate machine working size according to the size of the product to be processed. However, it should be noted that the large working size of the machine is not necessarily good.Because machines with large working sizes are expensive, while some machines with poor quality have unstable laser output at various points on large-format surfaces, resulting in different shades of engraving products on the same table, so choosing the right working size is very important.

Third, check the type of work you want to use the CO2 laser machine for. If you process column material, such as glass cup, bottles, bamboo, egg, you have to requires the machine fits rotary device( rotary attachment) and moving table. The rotary devices are different for holding bottles and egg, so do remember list what type of work you do. Laser machines are designed for different applications, such as fabrics CO2 laser cutting machine, marble CO2 laser engraving machine, sign CO2 laser engraving machine, even label CO2 laser cutting etc. Fabrics CO2 laser cutting machine( ... g-machine/) requires special working table and support to hold Fabrics rollers, marble processing requires rolling table for lifting and moving easily, label cutting requires a scanner which could scan the edge of label to guide the laser head to cut. If this is something you want to invest in, buy a machine that can do that.

Fourth, check laser tube power you want. Wood cutting and paper cutting requires different laser tube power, cutting thickness also requires different power, so this is the important element you should consider too.

If your job is mainly engraving, the 40w 60w or 80w laser power is a good choice.

If your job is cutting, the 100w, 130w, 150w is good choice.

Fifth, After-sales service of machinery is also very important, but people often fall into a wrong myth. They do not know that machinery of good quality are not easy to damage, so there is no need for frequent maintenance, but it is a machine with poor quality. Frequent damage requires special attention to this point. After-sales service has a direct impact on the production efficiency. If a machine that has been purchased fails to solve the problem, it will directly cause production to stop and cannot work. Therefore, after-sales service is very important. Therefore, when customers choose laser engraving machine products, they must actively understand the market, analyze the market, analyze which manufacturers produce better machines, the credibility is guaranteed, and which manufacturers have relatively good machine quality and better engraving effects. The information must take time to know.

Sixth, cooling system of the laser tube: the steady operation of the laser machine is largely dependent on the cooling system of the glass laser tube. Any problems with the cooling system may cause the laser tube failure. Therefore the laser machine has to be equipped with a water-cooling unit or chiller to cool the laser tube. The chiller keeps the water temperature at the given level. Freon gas which does not destroy the ozone layer is used as the refrigerant. The chiller provides the steady operation of the laser tube. If you buy a laser machine with the cooling system which consists of a plastic tank and an aquarium compressor, we think that the supplier has disrespected you.

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