How to adjust the laser coder rotation work?

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How to adjust the laser coder rotation work?

Post by perfectlaserChina » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:24 am

Now many products are round and need a full circle of laser coding, but sometimes there will be text or graphic misalignment during laser marking machine marking. What is the reason? According to Wuhan Perfect Laser's laser coding Processing experience for many years, this is generally caused by the misalignment of the axis of the rotating table of the fiber laser marking machine and the axis of the fiber laser marking machine galvanometer (also called the laser scanning head).

Because the two axes do not coincide, it is bound to cause the work piece to deviate during the rotation of the laser coder, which will cause misalignment. How to adjust the fiber laser marking machine rotary table and the galvanometer axis are the same, the easiest way is to find a longer pipe clamped on the rotating chuck, adjust the plane, and then draw a long narrow line in the computer It is 100mm long and 0.001mm wide.

Then find a straight grooved thing, just enough to fit over the pipe. Press the F1 analog code to match the red line to the surface of the grooved object, and the two ends are parallel to the side, which can ensure that the rotation axis of the laser code printer is parallel to the axis of the galvanometer.
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