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Laser engraving machine - Points of attention for purchasing laser tube

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:07 am
by lasercuting
An important part of the laser engraving machine - the laser tube, as the "heart" of the laser engraving machine, we must ensure that its quality is the best, however, because the prices of imported brands and domestic brands are very different, for us to use durable laser engraving machines, the choice of laser tubes is particularly important.

One of the important factors of the laser tube is its service life. It is not to say that it is once and for all, it’s a normal consumable. On this indicator, the longer it is used, the better its quality is. Of course, different process processing losses are different, and laser tube life is of course not synchronized.

The size of the spot on the handicraft from the beam emitted from the laser tube also objectively shows the difference in the performance of the laser engraving machine. The spot formed by a good quality laser tube is finer.

The stability reflects the performance of the laser tube, if purchase the laser tube of the defective product inadvertently, and there may be a phenomenon of air leakage, and the tube crack causes a popping problem.

Finally, the maintenance and use of the laser tube of the laser engraving machine should also be noted that the required supporting facilities such as the circulating water cooling system are stable, and the reliable stable laser power supply is a good guarantee.