The most common laser engraving machine problems and solutions

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The most common laser engraving machine problems and solutions

Post by NickStyle » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:19 am

In the use of laser machine, you will encounter a variety of problems, how to know these problems and solve these problems? STYLECNC will take you to learn the Most Common Laser Engraving Problems and Solutions.

The First Problem: The laser does not emit light.
The Solutions:

1.Press the control panel test button to check the ammeter status:

a.No current: Check the laser power is turned on, the high voltage line is loose or off, the signal line is loose.
b.Have current: Check the lens is broken, the optical path is a serious shift.

2.Check the water circulation system is normal:
a.No water: Check the water pump is damaged or not energized.
b.Have Water: check the water inlet, water outlet is reversed or water pipe rupture.

3.Can self-test, send data does not light: Check the computer settings are correct.

4.Check the cover and the front door of the magnetic switch and lines are loose, fall off

The second problem: Carving different depths or not deep.
The Solutions:

1.Check the water circulation system is smooth flow. (Water pipe bend or water pipe rupture)
2.Check the focal length is normal. (Readjust)
3.Check the light path is normal. (Readjust)
4.Check paper on the material is too thick, water is too much. (Readjust)
5.Check if the crossbeam is parallel. (Adjust both sides of the belt).
6.Check if the lens is broken. (Change)
7.Check if the lens or laser tube is contaminated. (Need Re-clean)
8.Check the water temperature is higher than 30 ℃. (Replace the circulating water)
9.Check if the laser head or focusing lens is loose. (Re-fixed)
10.Laser current light intensity to be achieved 8mA.
11.Laser tube aging. (Change)

The Third Problem: Engraved font Deformation
The Solutions:

1.If the laser head pulley serious wear and tear, resulting in loose laser head, then replace the pulley.
2.If the left and right sides of the Y-axis belt tension is not the same. Adjust the screws at the rear of the Y-axis to the same tension
3.If the X-axis left driven wheel wear, then replace the driven wheel.
4.If the X-axis motor is faulty, replace the motor.
5.If the X-axis motor and pulley fastening screws loose, then tighten the screws.

The Fourth Problems: Reset is not normal.
The Solutions:

1.Check if the sensor has dust, poor contact or damage. (Wipe dust or replace the sensor)
2.Check if the flexible data cable has bad contact or damage. (Trim the data cable to remove or replace the data cable).
3.Check if ground line contact is reliable or high voltage line is damaged. (Re-ground line or replace the high-voltage line).
4.Poor motor wire contact.

The Fifth Problem: Missing Carved.
The Solutions:

1.Initialization is incorrect. (Modify the data again)
2.Operation sequence reversed. (Re-output)
3.Electrostatic interference. (Check if the ground line wire off)

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