A good kitchen utensils’ helper-- metal fiber laser cutting machine

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A good kitchen utensils’ helper-- metal fiber laser cutting machine

Post by perfectlaserChina » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:48 am

Small kitchen utensils can be produced by laser cutting machines, large-scale appliances such as kitchen ventilators, cooking utensils, cooking benches, and large-scale commercial kitchen utensils also use a large number of sheet metal panels. The traditional technological process with low working efficiency and high cost requires a large number of molds and also need a long cycle of design and manufacture. In the highly competitive environment of the entire market, it is urgent to adopt new processing methods and equipment to push the development of the industry.
500w metal fiber laser cutting machine is exactly an energy saving and environmental protection high-tech equipment which independently researched and developed by China Perfect Laser.

This machine adopts the world- famous German fiber laser technology and laser cutting heads which are imported from America, can accurately controls the laser beam’s cutting position through advanced dynamic focus system.
It has the features of high precision, low consumption, no pollution, high environmental protection, and low maintenance and etc.
Using minimal investment in exchange of maximum returns, the Perfect Laser metal fiber laser cutting machine will be your wisest choice.

Metal laser processing can design graphics and can adjust any graphics, any size and any depth with high precision, high speed and also with smooth and burr-free kelf. Non-contacting manufacturing procedure makes any material no need to worry about extrusion and deformation. Laser processing technology is being a more and more useful helper for the metal laser cutting industry. The metal processing has more difficulty so that most metal processing’s precison is very low while with high processing price. But the birth of the metal laser cutting machine brings the metal cutting into its heyday and let the craft processing with higher precision, burr-free and much lower processing cost and also let the metal laser processing being our important social asset.

Product advantages:
1. Extremely high photoelectric conversion efficiency, extremely low use cost:
Metal fiber laser cutting machine’s highest photoelectric conversion efficiency can up to about 30%, it is 3 times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine, the metal fiber laser cutting machine greatly reduces the power consumption of the whole machine and greatly saves the cost of use.
2. Excellent stability, extremely low maintenance costs.
Adopting German fiber laser source, Japan Panasonic servo motor, the United States imported laser cutting head, the machine’s life can reach 100,000 hours.
Double-clad active optical fiber cable no need adjustion of the optical path and non reflective lenses can save product maintenance costs.
3. Perfect beam quality, so fast cutting speed.
This machine has top beam quality, smaller focused spot, finer cutting lines, faster cutting speeds and better cutting results. The cutting surface of the metal fiber cutting machine is smooth and beautiful without secondary processing.
4. Operational training, easy to use.
Perfect Laser provides comprehensive pre-sales support, on-sale service and after-sales training. According to the customer's actual cutting demand, we can produce personalized metal fiber laser cutting machine operation instructions program, to ensure the customers grasp the basic theory, the safety protection measures and equipment maintenance skills of metal fiber laser cutting machine in a short time.

More information, please visit: www.perfectlaser.net

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Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.
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Fax: +86-27-8678 3982
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Sales Dept:info@perfectlaser.net
Service Dept:support@perfectlaser.net

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