Six criteria for measuring the quality of metal laser cutting machines

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Six criteria for measuring the quality of metal laser cutting machines

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In terms of cutting quality, the quality of laser cutting machines has always been demonstrated. Therefore, in the laser industry, the production and manufacturing aspects have been emphasized. The same cutting quality is also the standard chosen by customers. Therefore, in terms of industrial manufacturing, What are the criteria for cutting quality? Xiaobian summed up the following 6 points for everyone.
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1. The roughness of the cutting surface.

2, the size of the cutting mouth.

3. The verticality of the cutting edge.
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4, the angle of the cutting edge.

5. Stripe off after cutting.

6, flatness.
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     These six standards can reflect the process of cutting and processing with the laser cutting machine. The quality of the surface quality of the cutting material can also reflect the performance of the equipment and the precision is fine. This is the best standard for the merchants and manufacturers. In the process of manufacturing laser equipment, if the production captures these six major production requirements, so-called high-quality laser cutting machine equipment will also be born.

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