Why Choose A Well-known Brand Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer?

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Why Choose A Well-known Brand Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer?

Post by perfectlaserChina » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:26 am

At present, low price and homogenous competition can no longer meet the future laser market. To maintain competitiveness, companies must have a clear understanding of market demand and grasp the latest developments in technology and products at home and abroad to keep up with the pace of the times. Relying on strong capital, technical strength and large-scale production and market operation capabilities, Whuan Perfect Laser is willing to wholeheartedly provide customers from general-purpose fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine and other products to all kinds of optical fiber Laser application special solutions.

If you need an ordinary marking application, generally including three kinds of laser marking machines:

1.The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for food packaging, advertising industry, marking on non-metallic materials such as plastic, acrylic, wood, leather;

2.The optical fiber laser marking machine is low in cost and easy to maintain, it is widely applied in 3C industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, electronic components, electrical products and other industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry anti-counterfeit laser marking, liquor anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeit goods tracking system, metal materials marking and etc.

3.The UV laser marking machine has a more precise marking effect and a higher price. It is suitable for marking on special materials such as ABS, PP and UV.

Currently, these three types of laser marking machines are the most common and the competition is fierce. Therefore, many options are available. However, the relatively large brand like Perfect Laser basically covers all types of laser marking machines, and the marking technology is quite mature. If you have some special processing requirements, for example if you need to integrate the marking machine into the production line, then you need to buy an laser marking machine online. If you need to work in a confined space, or if you want a compact and convenient device, you can choose a portable laser marking machine, and some manufacturers may need to take special processing methods to achieve it, such as rotary processing. These special features, most laser marking machine manufacturers can not achieve, but Perfect Laser can be customized according to your needs, and provide a full range of solutions.
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