Laser Cutting Crafts - Let the Leather Bloom the Most Beautiful Moment

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Laser Cutting Crafts - Let the Leather Bloom the Most Beautiful Moment

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Today, a wide variety of leather products in daily life can be seen everywhere, such as interior decoration, sofa fabrics, automotive interiors, clothing, footwear and luggage, as well as leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, accessories and other supporting industries.

With peoples’ pursuit of fashion, leather products are constantly changing to diversification, function, green, fashion, high-grade. Due to the slow speed, low efficiency, difficult layout, single style, material waste and other defects of traditional manual and electric shear processing, they have been unable to adapt to the processing needs of its market.

Leather Laser Cutter uses a high-energy-density laser beam to illuminate the surface of the leather, causing the material to burn to form an image, using the degree of coking of the leather to reflect the level of the image, and having the advantages of unrestricted graphics and rapid prototyping. It can solve this series of problems well and gradually become an indispensable “processing partner” in the leather industry.


Under the molding of the laser process, the leather presents the most beautiful moments and postures; the fusion of laser technology and leather processing let the products revitalize their fashion and charm.


Leather laser cutter is an inevitable trend and also a pioneer in the market! A PEDK-130180 CO2 large-format leather laser cutter produced by China Perfect Laser is a multi-functional laser processing equipment widely used in apparel advertising and other industries.

The CO2 large-format leather laser cutter adopts a stable and solid working chassis, which can ensure the stability during fast working, and the shaking is small which does not affect the working precision.

At the same time, it is equipped with linear guide rail, precision gear transmission system and specially treated stainless steel crawler type steel mesh platform. It has high processing precision, convenient operation and is never deformed.

It can be widely used in leather, fabrics, cloth, carpet, denim, acrylic, plastic, PVC board, two-color board, rubber sheet, stamp and seal, plexiglass, plexiglass, paper, wood, plywood, MDF and many other non-metallic materials.

It is applicable to clothing and leather, embroidery, billboards, craft gifts, crystal jewelry, paper-cut, bamboo, wood products, decoration and industry.

Co2 Laser Engraver and Cutter auto feeding and rolling

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