Laser Engraving Machine’s Applications in Various Industries

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Laser Engraving Machine’s Applications in Various Industries

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The laser engraving machine is a high-tech product in the world today which has high integrated technical content of light, machine and electricity. Today, it is used in the advertising industry, the craft industry, the printing and packaging industry, the decoration industry, the leather industry, etc. This time, Perfect laser will introduce the use of laser engraving machines in various industries for you.

Its use in the decoration industry is so beautiful that can not be described. Below is an introduction to the carving of wood: first, logs, logs are unprocessed wood. It is the rarest laser processing material in our daily life and is easily engraved and cut.

For example, light wood like birch, cherry or maple, they are easily vaporized by laser, so it is more suitable for engraving.
However, because each type of wood has its own characteristics, we must make the wood according to the detailed objects we want to engrave.
We recommend that the characteristics of the laser engraving machine be studied first before carving the wood that is not familiar.
Followed is plywood, it is a natural wood board and one of the commonly used materials for furniture. Carving on plywood is not much different from carving on wood, but there is one point to note that the depth of engraving should not be too deep. The edge of the cutted plywood will also be black like wood, but the key is to see the plywood is made of what kind of wood.

With the widespread use of laser engraving machines, printing and packaging industry printing plates have gradually used laser engraving technology. The most common package in the printing and packaging industry is corrugated carton packaging. However, corrugated carton packaging can be divided into two categories, one is sales packaging, and the other is transportation packaging.
Sales packaging is generally the inner packaging, and can meets the consumers in the sales process, such as color boxes, white boxes, gift boxes, and so on.

Transport packaging is generally an outer packaging, which basically does not meet consumption during the sales process. Its role is to facilitate storage and transportation, such as cartons, corrugated boxes, and so on.

Due to the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, only one quarter of the resin, so in the current printing and packaging industry, laser engraving plate making is widely used as a corrugated carton packaging printing plate.

The laser engraving machine performs engraving in a dot-punching manner and has a natural disadvantage in terms of gray scale performance. For this reason, the grayscale representation is used as much as possible in the engraving design. The benefit of this is that the coloring process is added and the cost is wasted; on the one hand, the expression of the engraving is richer, and the level of graphics is added.

The next thing I will introduce is the engraving of the laser engraving machine on inorganic glass crafts: the most rare material in our daily life, acrylic, is actually an inorganic glass, which is easily cut and engraved into various kinds, and the cost is definitely lower, so it has naturally become the most commonly used engraving material in the craft industry.


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